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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Investigatory Project Title

Used Cooking Oil as an Additive Component of Candle

Cassava starch as an effective component for Ideal Biodegradable Plastic

Dried Papaya Leaves as Organic Mulch for Tomato Plants

Cogon Grass Cardboard Food Packaging

Used Cooking Oil as Subtitute to Diesel

Alternative Methods of Producing Iodized Salt

Mechanical Chalkdust Dispenser

Wastepaper and Coir with Okra Mucilage

Potential Use of Oyster Shells in Ceramic Production

Seaweed Chips Nutritional Snack Food

Styrofoam as alternative scented glue

Orange skin as bacterial cleaner

Apple peeling as a mosquito repelant spray

Kaymito Leaves Decoction As Antiseptic Mouthwash

How to Open Many YM in One Computer

Click START, select RUN.


At RUN dialog box type REGEDIT, press enter or click OK.


Expand the HKEY_CURRENT_USER by clicking the + sign on the left side, select SOFTWARE.


Find the YAHOO registry, select PAGER.


Find TEST and right click on that, select NEW then click on DWORD VALUE.


Rename the value PLURAL then right click on that, select MODIFY.


On the EDIT DWORD VALUE dialog box find the VALUE DATA and replace that with any number you want to be the maximum number of YM you can open on your desktop.

That’s it you can now chat with yourself. Ha ha ha.


Poultry Enterprises

Poultry Enterprises is a component of a Poultry business.

Poultry is the category of domesticated birds kept for meat, eggs, and feathers. It also include other meat birds such as pigeons or doves or game birds like pheasants. The term also refers to the flesh of such birds.

1. Laying Hens – Laying hens are reared for egg production. This enterprise are in charge of every aspects of a laying hen operation, including animal care, egg collection, processing and distribution.

2. Replacement Pullets – A pullet is a young chicken, more specifically a hen (female) at least 20-weeks-old which has begun to lay eggs but has not yet moulted. This enterprise can be divided into replacement of commercial layers and breeders layers.

3. Broilers – A broiler is a turky slaughtered for meat while it is still young and tender. Modern commercial broilers are specially bred for meat production and grow much faster than egg breeds. Both male and female broiler turkys are slaughtered for their meat. This enterprise are in charged of every aspect of a broiler grow-out, including animal care, maintaining environmental conditions and preparing animals for market.

4. Game birds – The rearing of game birds and other exotic fowl is usually done in one of three production areas—for show or exhibition, meat production, or in the case of game birds such as pheasants, for release and subsequent hunting. This enterprise are in charge of every aspect of game bird production, including breeder and hatchery management, and care of growing of game birds.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bignay as cure for Urinary Track Infection


“The effect of antidesma bunius extract to a person with urinary track infection”


       Urinary tract infections are a serious health problem affecting millions of people each year.   Infections of the urinary tract are the second most common type of infection in the body.  Women are especially prone to UTIs for reasons that are not yet well understood. One woman in five develops a UTI during her lifetime. UTIs in men are not as common as in women but can be very serious when they do occur.

       This research project shows that we can produce a herbal medicine out of Bignay fruits for Urinary track infections.   That we can produce this particular medicine with limited financial cost and little of our time.   Because this particular remedy are made of natural fruit extract from bignay (antidesma bunius), it is safe to use. The fruit extract of this fruit has a cytotoxic properties,   which could help for person with urinary track infections and other intestinal problems.

II – Introduction:

Background of the Study

    With the world now facing global recession, economy is always a big issue.  Government spend considerable amount of money to solve it, but what do you think is a possible and easiest way to prevent this crisis?  During this crisis, health is always a wealth.  But sometimes health related problems cannot be avoided, and medicine are not cheap.  But there are always another side of the story, good news is that the use of herbal supplements for medicinal purposes has increased dramatically over the past years.  If used correctly, many herbs are considered safer than conventional medications. 

    The researcher will try to create herbel remedy for Urinary Track Infection using the extract of the natural fruit of Bignay, antidesma bunius as scientific name, that contains cytotoxicity to help person with urinary track infections.

Statement of the Problem:

This study sought to answer the following problems:

  1. Can we produce a herbal medicine out of the extract of the natural fruits of bignay for a person with urinary tract infections?
  2. Is the herbal medicine safe to use?
  3. What are the components of bignay extract that contains enzyme that can help a person with urinary track infections.


  1. We can produce a herbal medicine out of extract of the natural fruits of bignay for a person with urinary track infections.
  2. The herbal medicine is safe to use.
  3. Cytotoxicity can help a person with urinary track infections and the fruit of bignay contains it.

Significance of the Study:

    We can produce herbal medicine for person with urinary track infections with limited financial cost and little of our time.   If it happens that you have a tree of bignay or in your neighborhood, you can produce a herbal medicine for urinary track infections, instead of buying some expensive commercial medicine for that particulary sickness.  This research are focus to help anybody to cure urinary track infections.

Objective of the Study:

The objectives of this study are:

  1. To make a herbal medicine with the use of bignay fruit extract.
  2. To make a non toxic and safe herbal medicine.
  3. To lessen the burden of the people who have urinary track infections.

Scope and Delimitation:

1.  This study used only natural fruits of bignay as the herbal medicine.
2.  This is only produced to have a herbal medicine for urinary tract infections and other intestinal problems.

III – Review of Related Literature:

    Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) as define by the is a bacterial infection that affects any part of the urinary tract. Although urine contains a variety of fluids, salts, and waste products, it usually does not have bacteria in it.  When bacteria get into the bladder or kidney and multiply in the urine, they cause a UTI. The most common type of UTI is a bladder infection which is also often called cystitis. Another kind of UTI is a kidney infection, known as pyelonephritis, and is much more serious.

    According to the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NKUDIC), Urinary Tract Infections are serious health problem affecting millions of people each year.  Infections of the urinary tract are the second most common type of infection in the body.  Urinary Track Infections (UTIs) account for about 8.3 million doctor visit each year.  Women are especially prone to UTIs for reasons that are not yet well understood.   One woman in five develops a UTI during her lifetime.  UTIs in men are not as common as in women but can be very serious when they do occur.

What are the causes of UTI?

    Normally, urine is sterile.  It is usually free of bacteria, viruses, and fungi but does contain fluids, salts, and waste products.  An infection occurs when tiny organisms usually bacteria from the digestive tract cling to the opening of the urethra and begin to multiply.  Most infections arise from one type of bacteria, Escherichia coli (E. coli), which normally lives in the colon.  Microorganisms called Chlamydia and Mycoplasma may also cause UTIs in both men and women, but these infections tend to remain limited to the urethra and reproductive system.

Who is at risk?

    Some people are more prone to getting a UTI than others.  People with diabetes have a higher risk of a UTI because of changes in the immune system. Any other disorder that suppress the immune system raises the risk of a urinary infection.  UTIs may occur in infants, both boys and girls, who are born with abnormalities of the urinary tract, which sometimes need to be corrected with surgery. UTIs are more rare in boys and young men.  In adult women though, the rate of UTIs gradually increase with age.   

IV – Materials and Methods

Materials and Equipment to be used:

  • Bowl / Glass    
  • Bignay fruit
  • Spoon    
  • Strainer


    Prepare all the materials needed.  Wash the fruit of bignay and remove the seed by using the strainer.  Then, get one teaspoon of the extract and drink it, you can also make a juice by using this extract.  Drink it three times a day, after every meal.

V – Results and Discussion:

Taste of extracted bignay            Observation
Pure extract                                      Sour
With water                                         Less sour
With Sugar                                         Sweet

    According to the table above, it shows that the pure extract of  bignay (antidesma bunius) has a sour taste, and it will taste less sour if you add water, and if you want to it to be undemanding to swallow then you can add some sugar.


    After the study had been done, the following conclusion were made;

1. We can produce a herbal medicine out of the extract of natural fruits of bignay for the person with urinary track infections.
2. The herbal medicine is safe to use.
3. The extract of bignay contains cytotoxicity, it can help the person with urinary track infection.


    The following recommendation were given;

1. Use extract of bignay to help you to your problem about intestinal problems, like urinary track infections.
2. Do further study to improve the quality of herbal medicine made.


Investigatory Project created by CEP students

Aloe Vera Extract as hair grower and Sampaguita as fragrant


          Hair loss is a problem that faces millions of people, including men, women and even children.  Aloe Vera has been used by many different cultures to stimulate hair growth, and it is safe, natural and affordable. It’s no secret that Aloe Vera is good for your hair and scalp.  If you are suffering from excessive hair loss, reducing the amount of chemicals you put in your hair is an important first step.

          Use aloe Vera gel to treat the areas of the scalp that are going bald. Aloe Vera contains an enzyme that helps promote new hair growth for some people. The gel can be applied directly to the scalp, as aloe Vera typically has no side effects.

          Sampaguita, the national flower of the Philippines, It’s fragrance can be a bit cloying in a small space like an automobile, hanging from the rear-view mirror… but out in a natural setting like a garden, an occasional whiff of sweet scent drifting over from a large flowering bush is most pleasant, the researcher will use the Sampaguita extract as a fragrant to Aloe Vera extract.


          Long before modern medicines and Western curative methods herbal medicines had been widely used in the Philippines. The use of herbal supplements for medicinal purposes has increased dramatically over the past years. If used correctly, many herbs are considered safer than conventional medications.

          During this time of economic crisis, it’s time to circle the wagons and consider some measures to carry on. This investigatory project is intended to use Aloe Vera extract as a hair grower and Sampaguita flower extract as fragrant. Using this plants which is easy to find in the neighborhood the researcher will create a hair grower which is cheap and easy, and of course herbal.

Significance of the Study:

          The researcher will aim to produce a hair grower without spending money and just a little of a time. People with hair loss will benefit from this study, not only it will help them treat hair problem it will also help them save money by not spending much on a commercially produce hair grow product in the market, which also reduce the amount of chemical that they put on their scalp. On the other hand it will also help them reap some additional income if they decided to sell some for the other.

Statement of the Problem:

This study should answer the following problems:

Does the experiment work?
What will happen if we combine the extract of Sampaguita and aloe Vera.
Can we really produce a hair grower out of aloe Vera and Sampaguita as a fragrant?


          The experiment proves to be successful, in a fact that curative effects of this herb has been handed down from generation to generation by the traditional healers. Since the Aloe Vera extract are proven to be effective it will encourage more people to use it if the smell is also good, and we achieve that by using Sampaguita flower extract as fragrant.  

          We can produce a hair grower out of Aloe Vera and Sampaguita flower extract.

Objective of the Study:

The objectives of the study are:

To make hair grower cost-effective.
To make a safe and herbal hair grower.
To help people with hair lost problem.


Materials and equipments to be used.

  • Bowl
  • Mortar & Pestle / Almeres 
  • Bottle or Glass
  • Strainer / Cotton cloth
  • Sampaguita
  • Aloe Vera

          Place the Aloe Vera leaves in the mortar (bowl) in small quantities; Use some downward pressure over the leaves with the pestle (pounder); Turn the pestle in a circular motion around the mortar, maneuvering it back and forth with a bit of pressure over still unbroken pieces. Use the strainer or a clean cotton cloth to get the Aloe Vera extract, repeat the procedure again for the Sampaguita flower, then put some Sampaguita extract on Aloe Vera extract in accordance to the desired scent. Put it in a clean bottle for future use. To use, just rub it on an area where you want hair to grow.

Scope and Delimitations:

This study has the following scopes and delimitations.

          This study only used aloe Vera and Sampaguita. In our observations, the aloe Vera is very effective as a hair grower. The effect seems to be effective after weeks of use, but immediately after you apply on the scalp, you will feel that the area are thicker than the untreated area of a scalp.
Sampaguita flower extract is used as a fragrant.
Producing Aloe Vera extract as cheep and safe alternative hair grower.

Review of Related Literature:

          According to ehealthMD the medical term for hair loss is alopecia, there are different classification of alopecia, alopecia areata, is a disease in which well-defined bald patches occur. Alopecia totalis, is an uncommon condition in which all hair on the scalp is lost. The cause is unknown. Alopecia universalis, is a total loss of hair on all parts of the body. Androgenetic alopecia is balding caused by heredity. Most people routinely lose between 70 and 150 hairs from their scalp each day, mainly through washing, brushing and combing, scalp hair starts to thin when more hair are lost through normal shedding that the scalp is able to renew. About 40% of the density of scalp hair has to be lost before thinning of the hair becomes noticeable.

Hair loss can be caused by:

          Heredity. Most balding is caused by a genetic predisposition – in other words it’s part of a person’s genetic makeup. The sometimes, illness, certain physical conditions, or their treatments. This can include high fever, thyroid disease, childbirth, inadequate protein in the diet, iron deficiency, cancer treatments, the use of certain medications, and other causes.

As remedy

          Aloe Vera : According to, Aloe Vera has been used by Native Americans, Indians and many in the Caribbean to promote healthy hair and prevent hair loss. Aloe's can help the scalp by healing it and balancing the pH level of the scalp while cleansing the pores. A common preparation of Aloe Vera gel with a small amount of wheat germ oil and coconut milk is used as a shampoo and has traditionally shown great benefit.


          Sampaguita : Juvy (author of the say, It's known by a million other names: Jasmine sambac, Arabian jasmine, pikake, mogra, kampupot, melati, mallipu…but to me, that flower is Sampaguita, and I refuse to know it by any other name. Sampaguita is considered as a symbol of fidelity, purity, devotion, strength and dedication. In the Philippines, the Sampaguita is called by various names: sambac, sampaguna, campopot, lumabi, kulatai, pongo, malur and manul. The name Sampaguita is a Spanish term that comes from the Filipino words “sumpa kita,” which mean “I promise you.”

Definitions and Terms:

Aloe Vera – Aloe vera (syn A. barbadensis Mill., A. vulgaris Lam.) is a species of Aloe, native to northern Africa. It is a stemless or very short-stemmed succulent plant growing to 80-100 cm tall, spreading by offsets and root sprouts. The leaves are lanceolate, thick and fleshy, green to grey-green, with a serrated margin. The flowers are produced on a spike up to 90 cm tall, each flower pendulous, with a yellow tubular corolla 2-3 cm long..

Sampaguita – It is an evergreen vine or shrub reaching up to 1-3 m tall. The leaves are opposite or in whorls of three, simple (not pinnate, like most other jasmines), ovate, 4-12.5 cm long and 2-7.5 cm broad. The flowers are produced in clusters of 3-12 together, strongly scented, with a white corolla 2-3 cm diameter with 5-9 lobes. The flowers open at night, and close in the morning. The fuit is a purple-black berry 1 cm in diameter.

Data to be Collected:

          This study only needs to produce hair grower out of Aloe Vera and Sampaguita extract, so no data will be collected. It only needs to describe the procedure.


After the study had been done, the following conclusion was made.

          We can make a hair grower out of aloe Vera and Sampaguita extract.
The produced hair grower is safe to use for the reason that it doesn’t contain any chemical.
The Sampaguita is one of the finest flowers to make the hair grower smell good.


The following recommendation was given.
  1. Test other flowers extract as fragrant on your hair grower.

  2. Study all about hair lost and the effect of herbal hair grower.
  3. Do further study to improve the quality of the hair grower produced.



Investigatory Project created by CEP students

Malupet na Tagalog

Abuloy — bayad sa nahigop na kape at nanguyang biskwit sa nilamayang sakla.

Akala — alam na alam daw.

Aginaldo – inaasahan na makukuha sa araw ng Pasko na mas okay sana kung pera na lang.

Bakasyon – sandaliang pahinga sa trabahong hingal lang ang pahinga.

Bakit — tanong na laging mahirap masagot.

Bakya — tsinelas na may takong.

Baga —– lutuan ng mga hindi makabili ng microwave.

Bagoong — masarap na ulam ng mga walang maiulam.

Baldado — hindi mamamatay-matay na mukhang hindi na mabubuhay.

Bale —– suweldong inutang.

Kaaw ay — ikli ng ‘kaibigan na Inayawan.’

Kababata – dating gelpren na may ibang boypren.

Kabag — utot na naipon sa tiyan.

Kabayo — hayop na sinasakyan Ng kalesa.

Kalbo — gupit ng buhok na korteng itlog.

Dalaginding – dalagang hindi pa nagsusuot ng bra.

Dilim — liwanag na maitim.

E ——– ireng paseksi.

Gahasa — romansang walang ligawan.

Ginang — asawa ni ginoo na mukha nang tsimay.

Ginoo — inaasawa ni ginang na may inaasawang iba.

Gipit — kalagayan ng tao na suki na ng sanglaan.

Ha —— sagot ng nagbibingi-bingihan.

Halakhak – tawang bukang-buka ang ngala-ngala.

Handaan — magdamagan na Palakihan ng tiyan.

Handog — bigay na laging may kapalit.

Hipo —– haplos na may malisya.

Hudas — tapat na manloloko.

Ibon —– hayop na lumalangoy sa Hangin.

Imposible – pagtaas ng unano.

Insulto — walang hiyang biro.

Isda —— hayop na hindi Nalulunod.

Ita —— negrong Pinoy.

La ——– ikli ng ‘lalalalala’ sa kinakantang hindi maalala.

Lalawigan – syudad ng kahirapan.

Langaw — kulisap na bangung-bango sa amoy ng basura.

Ma –—— tawag sa gelpren na mukhang nanay na.

Malusog — hitsura ng tumatabang balat.

Mama —— tawag sa sosyal na ina.

Mano —— kaugaliang Pinoy na nakapupudpod ng noo.

Mantika — katas ng piniritong taba.

Maybahay — asawang utusan sa bahay.

Nakaw —– pagkuha ng walang pasabing ‘akin na lang ito.’

Naku —— ikli ng ‘ina ko, ina na ako.’

Nitso —– bahay ng mga patay.

Nobya —– gelpren na laking probinsya.

Ngalngal — iyak ng walang ipen.

Ngisi —– tawang tulo-laway.

Ngiti —– tawang labas ipen.

Paa —— ba hagi ng katawan na amoy lupa.

Paaralan — dito itinuturo kung ano, alin o sino ang mapipiling bobo.

Panata — dasal na nakatataba ng tuhod.

Regla —– masungit na panahon ng pagkababae.

Sabon —– mabangong bagay na ipinapahid sa mabahong katawan.

Sakristan – utusan ng pari.

Sampal —- haplos na nakatitigas ng mukha.

Ta ——– ikli ng ‘tita’ o lalaking may bra.

Tamad —– taong hindi napapagod sa pahinga.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Only In The Philippines

Along a highway in Pampanga: "WE MAKE MODERN ANTIQUE FURNITURE"

On a self-service restaurant in Cebu: "PLEASE HELP OUR COMFORT ROOM CLEAN"



Along Luneta Boulevard: "BAWAL TUMAE SA BULEVARD"


On a flower shop in Rizal Avenue: "WE SELL ARTIFICIAL FRESH FLOWERS"

On a delivery truck: "NOT FOR HERE"

On window of a restaurant in Baguio: "WANTED: BOY WAITRESS"


A grafitti inside the cubicle of a ladies' C.R. in a university: "PLEASE DON'T SIT LIKE A FROG, SIT LIKE A QUEEN."

At a men's comfort room, above a urinal: (maybe from UP Diliman dorm): "HAWAK MO ANG KINABUKASAN NG BAYAN!"

At a construction site in Mandaluyong: "BAWAL OMEHI DITO. ANG MAHOLI BOG-BOG"

Somewhere along San Andres: "NO URINATING, ON THE OVER WALLS!"

Vacant lot near Makati Avenue: "DON'T PARKING!!!"

At an eatery in Cebu: "WE HAB SOPDRINK IN CAN AND IN BATOL!"


On a building somewhere in the Philippines: "NOTARY PUBLIC, TUMATANGGAP DIN NG LABADA KUNG LINGGO."

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Purify Water Using Recycled Plastic Bottle and the Sun

Example of Investigatory Project


 What is water purification?

          According to Wikipedia “it is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, materials, and biological contaminants from raw water. The goal is to produce water fit for a specific purpose. Most water is purified for human consumption (drinking water) … …In general the methods used include physical process such as filtration and sedimentation, biological processes such as slow sand filters or activated sludge, chemical process such as flocculation and chlorination and the use of electromagnetic radiation such as ultraviolet light.”

          Among the methods mentioned above, the most and probably the cheapest way to clean water is using ultraviolet light, since we are using recycled plastic bottle, it is appropriate that we use also a renewable source of energy which is probably the most available of them all, the “SUN”.


Purify Water Using Recycled Plastic Bottle and the Sun

Statement of problems/objectives


 To be able to purify water using recycled materials and renewable source of energy.

  1. Is it possible to purify water using recycled plastic bottle?
  2. Can we use the sun as the source of energy?
  3. Is it safe for human consumption?

  1. 2 pcs Recycled Plastic Water Bottle
  2. Short tube
  3. Any kind of tape that is water proof, (mask, duct, pack)
  4. A sunny day.

          Clean 1 of the bottle, no need to clean the other one, since it will hold the dirty water that we will be purified. (if you want you can clean it too).  Punch a hole in the two (2) bottle cap, to accommodate the tube, then tape both cap on each end, making sure that they are water tight.  Then take one (1) of the bottle and fill it up with dirty water, put the cap, tape it to make sure it doesn’t leak.  Put the other cap on the clean bottle, tape it also.  Place the bottle with dirty water in an area where sun is shining; make sure that it is lower than the clean bottle.  You should cover the clean bottle from the sun, making sure that it will not evaporate back, a handkerchief will do, shirt or even leaves.  Wait for most of the water to evaporate into the clean bottle. (this might take many hours, depending on the temperature of the sun.) Carefully remove the clean bottle and you can now drink the fresh water in that bottle.

Results and discussion


          This study focuses only if it is feasible to purify water using recycled plastic bottle and the sun as the energy. According to the experiment it is possible to do just that.

           Wondering how it works? The water on other bottle will undergo the process of evaporation by the radiation of the sun, the evaporated water will be collected on the other bottle, giving you purified water.

Analysis of Data

          Since the experiment needs only to produce purified water using recycled plastic bottle and the energy of the sun, no data are collected. It needs only to describe the procedure.


          By doing this simple procedure using recycled materials and renewable source of energy, we can purify water with less or no cost at all. It is also proven to be safe for human consumption, since evaporation using the radiation of the sun, is somewhat similar to boiling water in fire, the only difference is the quantity and the length of time.


          According to WHO director, 2.5 million people die from drinking unsafe water every year. A total of 3.4 million people. mostly children, die every year from water-related diseases from drinking, swimming in or washing clothes in polluted water.

          This simple, basic and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) water purification will help benefit the people in an area where safe drinking water is scarce. Since this method is highly reliable, and proven to work around the world. We can educate people in rural areas to use this method.

          Further research on using this in a larger scale is needed, this method also is even more effective when the bottom half of the bottle is painted black or place on the roof with corrugated iron painted also with black help absorb more heat of the sun.

          * Be careful with what you put on the dirty bottle, since on one site I visited, the food coloring they put on the water seems to be collected also on the evaporation.


Investigatory Project #1

Saturday, August 22, 2009

How To Make An Investigatory Project

Sample Format:

• Abstract

After finishing the research and experimentation, you are required to write a (maximum) 250-word, one-page abstract. An abstract includes the a) purpose of the experiment, b) procedures used, c) data and d) conclusions. It also includes any possible research applications. The abstract should focus on work done since the last fair.

• Research Paper

A research paper should be prepared and available along with a project data book, and any necessary forms or relevant written materials. A research paper helps organize data as well as thoughts. A good paper includes the following sections:

1. Title page - title of the project must be brief, simple and catchy

2. Statement of problems/objectives - the nature & scope of the problem should be presented with clarity. Two types of objectives may stated:
          1. General Objective - this is related to the problem as given in the early part of the section
          2. Specific Objective - this states the purpose of each experiment conducted.

3. Methodology - provides enough details so that a competent worker can repeat the experiments
          1. Materials/Equipment - the exact technical specifications, quantities and source of method of preparation for all materials used should be given. Specifically, built equipment used in the study must be described and the description accompanied by a picture
          2. Treatment/General Procedure - the manner & sequence by which each experiment or set of observations were done & how measurements were obtained should be described in detail. Avoid using the "recipe style" when stating the step-by-step procedure. Use the narrative form in the past tense.

4. Results and discussion - this may be divided into sub-sections describing each set of experiment or observations.
          1. Findings - the data maybe presented in full & discussed descriptively in the test or these maybe summarized in tables, pictures & graphs. The statistical test used to determine the possible significance of the finding should be described. Tables, pictures & graphs should make the presentation of the data more meaningful.
           2. Analysis of Data - the interpretation of the findings are discussed & the significant features shown in the tables, figures or graphs are pointed out.

5. Conclusions - the general truth implied or illustrated by the results should be clearly stated. The evidence based on the results should be summarized for each statement.

6. Recommendations - consists of suggestions on future actions such as a new direction of research or further experiments to be performed, practices that might be adapted or discard in order to attain certain goals or objectives.

7. Bibliography - a list of the references used in guiding the research work and writing and paper.

• Visual Display
You want to attract and inform. Make it easy for interested spectators and judges to assess your study and the results you have obtained. Make the most of your space using clear and concise display.

(Source: Department of Science and Technology)

Example of Investigatory Project : (Click the title to view the file.)

Purify Water Using Recycled Plastic Bottle and the Sun.

Note: this is created by the author of the site, just an example of the said investigatory project.  If in any case you wish to use this as your I.P. please ask for permission, there's no harm in doing that. thanks.

Investigatory Project created by OMNC-CEP student.

Aloe Vera Extract As Hair Grower and Sampaguita as Fragrant.

Bignay as Cure for Urinary Track Infection

Natural Dyes from Plants in Producing Colored Paste

List of Title of Investigatory Project.

Investigatory Project Title


Friday, August 21, 2009

Mga makahulog-pusong salawikain

  • Ang buhay ay parang bato, it's hard.
  • Kapag puno na ang salop, kumuha nang ibang salop.
  • Magbiro ka na sa lasing, magbiro ka na sa bagong gising, huwag lang sa lasing na bagong gising.
  • Ang hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling wika, lumaki sa ibang bansa.
  • Ang taong nagigipit ... sa bumbay kumakapit
  • Pag may usok ... may nag-iihaw
  • Ang taong naglalakad nang matulin ... may utang.
  • Kapag may sinuksok at walang madukot, may nandukot.
  • Walang matigas na tinapay sa gutom na tao.
  • Ang taong di marunong lumingonsa kanyang pinanggalingan .... ay may stiff neck.
  • Kapag may tiyaga, may nilaga. Kapag may taga, may tahi.
  • Matalino man ang matsing, matsing pa rin.
  • Huli man daw at magaling, undertime pa rin.
  • Ang naglalakad ng matulin, late na sa appointment
  • Aanhin ang palasyo kung ang nakatira ay kuwago, mabuti pa ang bahay kubo, sa paligid puno ng linga.
  • Kapag maikli ang kumot, tumangkad ka na!
  • Hindi lahat ng kumikinang ay ginto ... muta lang yan.
  • Kapag ang puno mabunga ...mataba ang lupa!
  • Pagkahaba haba man ng prusisyon ... mauubusan din ng kandila.
  • Ang buhay ay parang gulong, minsan nasa ibabaw, minsan nasa vulcanizing shop.
  • Batu-bato sa langit, ang tamaan ... sapul.
  • Ako ang nagsaing ... iba ang kumain. Diet ako eh.
  • Huwag magbilang ng manok kung alaga mo ay itik.
  • Kapag maiksi na ang kumot, bumili ka na ng bago.
  • Kapag binato ka ng bato, ipa blotter mo. 
  • Ang di lumingon sa pinanggalingan, may iniwang utang.

  • Better late than pregnant.
  • Behind the clouds are the other clouds.
  • It's better to cheat than to repeat!
  • Do unto others ... then run!!!
  • When all else fails, follow instructions.
  • To err is human, to errs is humans.
  • No guts, no glory... no ID, noentry.
  • Birds of the same feather that prays together ... stays together.
  • Birds of the same feather make a good feather duster.
  • Better late than later.
  • No man is an island because time is gold.
  • When it rains ... it floods.
  • Try and try until you succeed...or else try another.
  • If you can't beat them, shoot them.
  • An apple a day is too expensive.
  • An apple a day makes seven apples a week. (really expensive)

Excuse Letter "Ahem"

Filipino Excuse Letters to maid ur dey!

These are excuse notes from parents
original spelling
) collected by schools from all over
the country.

My son is under a doctors care and should not take
P.E. today. Please execute him.
(Hala! Sige. Silya elektrika at bitay. Sabay pa! O
kaya niyo yun?

Please excuse Lisa for being absent. She was sick and
I had her shot.
(Pag nag-absent pala papatayin ka...Baka may

Dear School : Please ekscuse John being absent on
Jan. 28, 29, 30, 31,32, and also 33 .

( Aba grabe to. Nasa kalendaryo pa ang birthday ko
kung ganon. Hahaha!

Please excuse Gloria from Jim today. She is

(Ano daw???? )

Please excuse Roland from P.E. for a few days.
Yesterday he fell out of a tree and misplaced his hip.

(Hanapin natin!)

John has been absent because he had two teeth taken
out of his face.
(Bwehehehe.. -. la ako masabi... Bwahahaha! Ganito
kasi yan. Kinagat siya ni Lola sa noo sa gigil. Tapos
nabali yung ngipin ng pustiso niya.Hahaha! !!

Megan could not come to school today because she has
been bothered by very close veins.

(Buti pa veins niya. Close sila. Hahahaha!!!)

Please excuse Ray Friday from school. He has very
loose vowels.

( -...i.... .-ow....u. .-..)

Irving was absent yesterday because he missed his

(So transsexual pala si Irving ?)

Sally wont be in school a week from Friday. We have to
attend her funeral.

(Ala e! Mabuhay ang Patay!! Mayroong Himala!!!)

Please excuse Jason for being absent yesterday. He had
a cold and could not breed well.
(Stud service ba yung school nya? baka gremlins

Gloria was absent yesterday as she was having a
(Ay grabe! Iba na talaga ang mga kabataan ngayon.

Maryann was absent December 11-16, because she had a
fever, sore throat,headache and upset stomach. Her
sister was also sick, fever and sore throat,her
brother had a low grade fever and ached all over. I
wasnt the best either, sore throat and fever. There
must be something going around, her father even got
hot last night.
(Hahaha, telenovela.. -. bow. Makuwento siya ha...
Kulang lang sa pansin...

Please excuse Jennifer for missing school yesterday.
We forgot to get the Sunday paper off the porch, and
when we found it Monday, we thought it was Sunday.
(grabe to!!! pwede ba sa office to?!!)


Nong una ko itong marinig akala ko ito yong punong-kahoy na ginugulay ang bulaklak, na-alala ko katuray nga pala yon.

Ano nga ba ang Tayutay?

Ayon sa Wikipedia: Ang tayutay ay salita o isang pahayag na ginagamit upang bigyan diin ang isang kaisipan o damdamin. Sinasadya ng pagpapayahag na gumagamit ng talinghaga o di-karaniwang salita o paraan ng pagpapahayag upang bigyan diin ang kanyang saloobin.

Para po madaling maintindihan ito po ay tinatawag na “Figure of Speech” sa ingles.

Mga uri ng Tayutay


Ang monologo ay isang uri ng pagsasadula na pampanitikan na ginagampanan ng iisang tao lamang. Maaaring ito’y pagsasalita ukol sa kanyang kaisipan na ipinararating sa mga manunuod, o sa karakter na kanyang ginagampanan. Ito ay pangkaraniwang isinasagawa sa mga panuuring pang drama (Teatro, Pelikula, Palabas sa eskwelahan at iba pa)

Mga halimbawa ng monologo.

Ikaw at Ako!

Anak ng Bagong Bayani

Kwento ng isang Pokpok

Monologo ng isang bugaw

Monologo ni Chabeng

Monologo ng isang Puta

Ito po yong ibang mga pamagat ng mga monologo na hindi ko na makita ang kawing (link), di ko po maaaring ilagay ang kabuuang nilalaman at baka po magalit ang nagsulat.

Ngiti pagkatapos ng panaginip
Umaga na
Nagmamaganda si
Sa telon ng kasaysayan

Pansinin (Note): Kung kayo po ang mag-akda ng alin man sa mga nakalistang pamagat at nais nyo pong ilagay ang kawing (link) maari nyo pong ilagay na kumento at ako na po ang bahala sa kaukulang gagawin.

Pambansang Kasuotan

Ano nga ba ang Pambansang Kasuotan? ito ay tinatawag na National Costume sa ingles, (national dress, regional costume, folk dress,traditional garment, traditional clothes)

Ayon sa Wikipedia ito ay nagpapahayag ng pagkakakilalan ng isang bansa sa pamamagitan ng kasuutan na may kaugnayan sa lugar o panahon ng isang kasaysayan, ngunit maaari din itong magpakita ng katayuan sa lipunan, kasalan o pangrelihiyon. karaniwang ito ay may dalawang uri, ang pang araw-araw at ang isa ay para sa okasyon.


Pilipinas - Barong Tagalog para sa lalaki at Baro't Saya sa babae, tinatawag din itong terno.

Para sa listahan ng mga pambansang kasuotan.

or CLICK here!

Pagkakakilanlan ng mga Bansa

Armenia - Makasaysayang Labi ng mga Turko

Afghanistan - Daaanan ng mga Sinaunang Mananakop

Azerbaijan - Lupain ng Matatapang na Mandirigma

Bahrain - Lupain ng Dalawang Ilog

Bangladesh - Lupain ng ma Bengali

Bhutan - Lupain ng Matitikas na Dragon

Brunei - Pinakamayamang Bansa sa Timog Silangang Asya

Cambodia - Lupain ng mga Khmer

China - Pulang Dragon ng Asya

Cyprus - Mayamang Lupain sa Ilog Mediteranya

Georgia - Pinakamayamang Republika ng Dating Unyong Sobiet

Hongkong - Sentro ng Kalakalan sa Buong Mundo

India - Lupang Sinilangan ng Buddhismo at Hinduismo

Indonesia - Pinakamalaking Arkipelago sa Buong Daigdig

Iran - Lupain ng Dakilang Emperador

Israel/Jordan - Lupang Sinilangan ng Judaismo at Kristiyanismo

Japan - Lupang Sinisikatan ng Araw

Kazakhstan - Lupain ng Pangako para sa Industriya ng Langis

Kuwait - Labi ng Makasaysayang Bagyo sa Disyerto

Kyrgyzstan - Mabundok na Bansa sa Kanlurang Asya

Laos - Lupain ng mga Elepante

Lebanon - Harbinger ng Sinaunang Sibilisasyon

Malaysia - Lupain ng mga Sinaunang Malay

Maldives - Maliit na Isla sa Silangang Asya

Mongolia - Lupain ng Caballero

Myanmar - Lupain ng mga Gintong Pagoda

Nepal - Lupain ng Dakilang Himalayas

North Korea - Industriyalisadong Bansa sa Silangang Asya

Oman - Maliit na Kaharian ng mga Makapangyarihang Monarkiya

Pakistan - Lupang Isinilang mula sa India

Pilipinas - Perlas ng Silangan

Quatar - Lupain ng Pitong Shiekhdom

Rusya - Pinakamalaking Bansa sa Buong Daigdig

Saudi Arabia - Lupang Sinilangan ng Islam

Siberia - Lupain na Hindi Kailanman Sinisikatan ng Araw

Singapore - Lupain ng Pagawaan ng mga Barko

South Korea - Pulang Dragon sa Silangang Asya

Sri-Lanka - Lupain ng mga Hiyas

Syria - Lupain ni Saladin

Taiwan - Bansa na Naghahanap ng Sariling Identidad

Tajikistan - Rebeldeng Estado ng dating Unyong Sobyet

Thailand - Lupain ng Malalaya

Turkey - Lupain ng Turkong Ottoman

Uzbekistan - Sentro ng Sinaunang Silk Road

Vietnam - Maliit na Dragon sa Asya

Yemen - Lupain ng Sheba


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